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Final Touch Gels is a Light Elegance product distributor located in Palm Desert, California.
While recovering from a back injury, I decided to make a career change. I was always encouraging others to "Love what you do" but wasn't practicing what I was preaching.

A friend suggested that I look into becoming a Nail Technician. But, would I "love it"? After looking into the requirements and pondering it, I thought, why not! As a single Mom of 2 young children, flexibility in my schedule was a necessity.

I became a Licensed Nail Technician April 1, 2004.  I quickly realized my life was consumed with either doing nails, researching nails/products and reading everything I could get my hands on and loved every moment!

In 2006, I attended the Nail Show in Pasadena and met Jim McConnell, President of McConnell Labs. He took the time to share how Light Elegance was created to make the Nail Technicians job easier. I started using Light Elegance ASAP and knew it was the gel product I had been searching for.

About a year later, I was offered an opportunity to educate for Light Elegance. Becoming an educator in this field had been a desire of mine since the beginning of my nail career. Following the protocol, requirements and standards, I became a Certified Light Elegance Educator. I also obtained A Bachelors Degree from LEU in 2014. Yay!

I received a call from Lezlie McConnell, Sales President, in June 2008, asking if I would be interested in doing nails for the cover of Nails Magazine!!!!
After picking myself up off the floor, I said, "I would love to". 

Becoming a Light Elegance Distributor had been a future goal of mine. But with a fully booked clientele for 9 years, how could I take on additional responsibilities?

After marrying Abel Castillo in 2015, becoming a Light Elegance distributor became a reality. His entrepreneurial mindset, attention to detail and knowledge in web design,
was the perfect scenario for both of us to do something we love, together! 

I am happy to offer Light Elegance Education: one on one training and/or several Nail Professionals in a class setting and at trade shows!

I absolutely love what I do!

Final Touch Gel Education is our passion logo Light Elegance

june sierra Castillo

June Sierra Castillo

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Abel Castillo